Network Keyboard DS-1200KI




Network Keyboard DS-1200KI

DS-1200KINetwork Keyboard  DS-1200KINetwork Keyboard


Network Keyboard  DS-1200KI

128 x 64 screen

4-axis joystick

Connectable to the Multi-functional Video Center (MVC), Matrix Access Gateway (VAG), Video Wall Controller, Decoder, etc.; and shortcut operation of camera/camera groups switch on video wall

Connectable to dome and realize PTZ control and picture capture by joystick operation

Connectable to DVR via network or serial port, and operation of front panel buttons

16 user accounts management: 1 admin and 15 operators

Network Keyboard DS-1200KI

System upgrade and import / export of configuration files by USB-flash disk

Captured pictures(FAT32) can be stored in U-flash disk

Network access and configuration by Web browser support; and up to 1000 devices can be managed in the keyboard operation mode

Network Keyboard  DS-1200KI


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