64GB USB Pendrive 3.0




64GB USB Pendrive 3.0

Product details of Pendrive 64 GB USB 3.0

  • Brand : TOSHIBA
  • Capacity : 64gb
  • High speed pendrive USB 3.0
  • Light weight and Compact
  • 100% original
  • Form Factor : USB flash drive
  • “USB3.0” is the name of a high standard
  • This product is in accordance with the label is equipped with a flash, and not the actual available memory.
    A portion of the memory capacity is used as a management area, and can be used as a memory management (User Zone).The amount of memory 1 MB as the calculation of 1073741824 bytes.)
  • The speed of reading and writing varies depending on the device used and the size of the document.When writing a number of small files, the speed may slow down.
  • Usb flash drive TransMemory from a sliding device, please confirm the following items.
  • Image result for 64GB USB Pen Drive 3.0 toshiba
  • 64GB USB Pendrive 3.0

  • 64GB USB Pendrive 3.0


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